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Human Rights Situation after nuclear disaster Fukushima Japan

Due to the accident in Fukushima Japan, huge amount of radioactive materials was released, which is estimated 168 times of that released by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

This creates serious risks to the health of the population, in particular expecting mothers, infants, children and the young generations most vulnerable to harm from radiation.

The response of the government to protect the people's right to life, right to health and reproductive health is far from satisfactory.

Human Rights Now is the only human rights NGO actively investigating and engaging advocacy on this serious human rights crisis in Japan.

Please see below our reports, investigations and policy proposals.

Latest Update
2012/09/11 [Statement] Request for the Radical Reform of the Health Check System including Thyroid Examination for the Affected People by the Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Fact Sheet for the Universal Periodic Review 2012
Fact Sheet For the Universal Periodic Review 2012

2012/08/16 [Statement] HRN statement on the Enactment of "Statute on Protection and Support for the Children and other Victims of Tokyo Electric Power Company Nuclear Power Plant Disaster" (June 25, 2012)

Investigative Report
2012/03/19 [Report] Investigative Report on Fukushima City and Koriyama City

Basic Policy Proposal of HRN
2011/09/13 Human Rights Violation after Fukushima disaster~ HRN published opinion paper to urge the Japanese government to take immediate measure to protect affected people

Report and Request to the United Nation
2011/07/26 Human Rights Violation after Fukushima disaster and Great East Japan Earthquake~ Request of a Country Visit to Japan by UN Special Rapporteurs

2012/04/28 [Report] HRN submitted the UPR stakeholder report

2012/04/28 [Report] HRN submitted the counter report to the Committee on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in advance to the committee's review on the report from Japan

After 1 year
2012/03/08 [Media] Fukushima mothers, kids speak if health concerns at N.Y. event

2012/08/16 [Report] Situation of women after natural/nuclear disaster in Japan~ Presentation in New York, CSW, 2012

[Events] "Fukushima 3.11: After 1 Year Photography Exhibition" will be held at New York University (Mar 8- Mar 31)

2012/03/14 [Media] Families asked the world "not to forget" the disaster of Fukushima in the United Nations

2012/04/28 [Media] Press Conference on the grave situation around Fukushima

Immediate Response~ Discrimination, Right to health of the affected children

2011/05/09 [Statement] Statement concerning the unjustified discrimination of the people living in close proximity to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants

2011/04/05 [Statement] Protection of fundamental human rights of people affected by the recent natural disaster in Japan